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Customizable and easy to use

A new and more flexible way to manage your company

From PKF Attest as experts in the implementation of business solutions, we offer you Solmicro ERP, a customizable and easy to configure business management system.

Solmicro ERP is a solution suitable for any company that wants to improve its competitiveness by increasing its productivity and reducing costs by automating its processes. Designed specifically for SMEs, it is a very flexible, modular and scalable solution.

  • The solution for your industry

Horizontal ERP





Machinery rental


  • Why use Solmicro ERP?

Easy to use, practical and efficient, under Microsoft environment!

Because it is a customizable and easy to configure software.
For security

Functionally complete. It covers all business angles. Integrates updated and accurate data.

Because of its verticalization: 8 specific developments for different business sectors.


  • Benefits of using Solmicro ERP

Innovate management and leadership techniques. Break down the barriers between your departments and integrate all the information!

Facilitates the business planning process. Faster and safer decision making.

Freedom and autonomy in management. Access integrated information wherever and whenever you need it, and you will have the source code of your ERP-CRM!

You will be able to reconceive the vision of your business, the key in an increasingly global market!

Improve your customers' satisfaction. You will adapt quickly and safely to changes in demand.

Increase productivity. Eliminate duplication and possible errors and reduce time!