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Capital Markets

PKF Attest Capital Markets AV is an investment services entity regulated by the CNMV which, in collaboration with the rest of the companies of the PKF Attest Group, offers independent advisory, brokerage and placement services in capital markets. We advise our clients on the different financial instruments available and help them to access them in an efficient and recurrent manner.

"We advise, guide and assist our clients throughout the entire process of issuing/investing in/investing in financial instruments, assuming most of the operational process."

We understand the capital market as a source of recurring and efficient financing/investment solutions, which historically has been used primarily by large companies and public institutions. However, there are a large number of smaller companies and institutions with the potential to take advantage of the benefits of the capital market by gaining efficiency and autonomy through it. Knowledge, adequate infrastructure and availability of specialized human and technical resources are the key elements to carry it out successfully.

From PKF Attest Group we accompany our clients by providing them with everything they need to face the operation with the maximum guarantees.