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R&D&I Incentives and Aid

Public aid and incentives for R+D+I

InnCome, is the division of PKF Attest that was created to respond to a new need arising from a change in the functioning of the market:

  • Increasing complexity of public incentives.
  • Need to incorporate transversal subjects to innovation consulting beyond product and process engineering.
  • Interaction between different areas of the company
  • Need for new solutions that allow the financing of R&D&I.

We advise companies to reduce the technical and economic risk of projects, placing our clients in the most competitive position possible in the market.

We assist our clients in the whole innovation process and the design of the global incentive plan for an efficient R&D&I management and for the financing of investments through subsidy funds and tax incentives.

We support our clients in innovation management, participating with our own resources in national and European R&D projects, either leading the proposals or participating as consortium partners. We also collaborate in private initiatives and sectorial platforms.

We have a team of 30 highly qualified consultants: PhDs in chemistry, industrial, agronomical, civil, biomedical, aeronautical or telecommunications engineers, as well as graduates in Business Administration and Management, present in our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona and Seville. Professionals with expertise in different technical areas and always close to our clients.