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We check the actual state of cybersecurity and the degree of risk to which the company is exposed in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability. To do so, we consider a preventive, detective and corrective perspective that allows us to face any contingency that may occur.

Vulnerability analysis

Analysis of the level of protection of computer equipment, level of patching, software versions, and additional tasks necessary for proper maintenance.

Diagnosis / audit

We evaluate all those rules, controls, procedures and technical measures involved in the security of a company's information systems. This includes both the technical means involved in such security, as well as the human means used to apply the measures.


Implementation of the technical and organizational measures necessary to reduce the vulnerabilities of computer equipment against external attacks, illegitimate access, malware, etc.

Penetration test / Pentesting

We carry out a controlled cyber-attack to check the existing vulnerabilities in the applications and computer networks and to find out how the defense mechanisms behave, identifying possible vulnerabilities.


We evaluate the strategy adopted in relation to cybersecurity and the measures and controls defined to manage its risks.

Incident response

The established contingency measures are reviewed and any additional measures that may be necessary are recommended in order to be able to restore IT services in the event of any cybersecurity incident.


We provide cybersecurity training tailored to your needs.

Our value proposition

When valuing a company it is essential to understand what valuation objective exists and consequently we will apply the most appropriate method for each case.