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Civil and commercial contracts

Civil and commercial contracts

The obligations and contracts to which legal entities are a party constitute a fundamental aspect of their activity. Likewise, the importance of the contractual activity of natural persons accompanies them from their birth until their death.

To support our clients in these areas, we have a specialized team, with more than twenty-five years of experience, which offers legal advice (preventive and corrective) based on adaptation to the client's needs and quality.

Despite the breadth of this area, the multidisciplinary nature of our professionals and our experience allows us to be of service to clients from the negotiation of preliminary deals, to the translation of agreements into contracts, the issuance of reports or opinions on the client's contractual position, the settlement of disputes or the termination of contractual obligations.

The wide range of sectors in which our clients provide their services allows us to extend our advice to different contractual areas such as:

Commercial Contracts: Distribution, Franchise, Commission and Agency.
Professional Services Contracts.
Production, License of Use and Distribution Contracts.
General Terms and Conditions of Contract.
Collaboration and Association Contracts.
Sponsorship Contracts.
Transportation and Logistics Contracts.
Leasing contracts.
Promotion, construction and technical contracts.
Intervention in declarations of heirs, inheritance partitions and inheritance proceedings.
Computer and Internet contracts.
Electronic commerce.