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We are a pioneer operational outsourcing partner in the primary debt market. Debt Capital Markets (DCM), division of PKF Attest, was established in 2014 to advise corporates and public institutions on their debt capital markets activities, the different DCM tools and instruments available to them, and help them access the wholesale funding market regularly and efficiently.

Our aim is to help our clients obtain efficient funding via the debt capital markets. We have developed a unique primary debt market issuance service that supports and helps companies who rarely appear on the debt capital markets to take full advantage of the efficiency of wholesale funding, just as frequent issuers do, but without having to put in place the additional resources normally associated with it. We leverage on synergies, helping clients to reduce their funding cost and increase operational efficiency.


  • Expert dcm advisory, and primary market operational outsourcing firm
  • Market reference firm for Short-Term Commercial Paper with a dominant position in the Spanish CP market.
  • Active in the wider European market via ECP programmes and in the local CP domestic markets via Pagares in Spain, Neu CP in France…
  • Pioneered a robust technology suite for the primary CP market
  • Daily engagement and direct dialogue with local authorities, stock exchanges and regulators. 
  • Working exclusively with first line, Tier I market reference dealers, IPAs, transactional banks and legal firms 

Our services:

  • Advice on wholesale financing
  • Outsourcing of operations
  • MARF registered advisor
  • Euromarket listing agency
  • Market reports

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