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BME Growth

Joining BME Growth is a complex project, which requires proper planning and execution, involving numerous professionals whose proper coordination is essential for its success. PKF Attest's participation as Registered Advisor assures the Issuer a reliable, experienced and close project partner that provides multiple advantages.


Advantages we offer

Management capacity

The incorporation of BME Growth involves various advisors and professionals (auditors, lawyers, liquidity providers, valuers, agent bank, dealers, etc.), whose correct coordination is necessary for the proper development of the project.

Experience in processes

We have the knowledge and availability of human and technical resources specialized in all aspects related to the issuance of securities in the BME Growth segment. Close and direct access to BME Growth's personnel and managers Credentials in similar processes.

Multidisciplinary company

PKF Attest has the personnel and capacity to provide a large part of the services that may be required by the issuer in the process of incorporation to BME Growth (financial, accounting, legal, tax, information technology, company valuation, etc). Our participation in the project, as registered advisors, includes, in addition to the services related to the functions of the registered advisor, access to the rest of our professionals, so that the issuer has at its disposal a group of professionals with knowledge related to services that may be required for the correct development of the project.

Personalized treatment

Direct participation and involvement of partners and managers. We advise our clients throughout the process of joining BME Growth, adapting to the characteristics and needs of each issuer.


Turnkey service

In this way, and as a result of the capacity and experience of our professionals involved in these projects, we provide solutions to the possible difficulties that may arise, we accompany and advise the Issuer in an agile and close way, contributing significantly to increase the probability of success.

Our services related to BME Growth

  • Registered Advisor

Advice on incorporation and permanence.
Business plan.
Relationship with regulators and capital markets.

  • Transactions

Due diligence.
Working Capital Report.
Business Plan Review.
Transaction advisory.

  • Valuation

Company valuations.
PPA and impairment test.
Valuation of intangible assets.

  • Audit and verifications

Comfort letters.
Audit and limited reviews.

Our value proposition

The advice of our professionals is backed by an extensive network of firms. This gives us better access to foreign buyers, investors and local knowledge, while allowing our clients access to a wider group of targets.