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Financial Advanced Solutions

We offer you a set of solutions and services to help the financial department in the processes of:

Single Repository

So that you have at your disposal and at hand all the necessary information about the companies of a group.


When we talk about Reporting, we find that there are several types:

  • Quantitative: This refers to tables, reports, graphs of results and all that graphic tool that allows to show in a visual and dynamic way the quantifiable information of the company.
  • Narrative: This type of reporting includes sustainability reports or reports that can take information from any solution we can offer.
  • Reporting in IXBRL format:
  • BI Scorecard:


Statutory, fiscal and management consolidation.
Different regulations: NOFCAC, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.


Financial planning: Business plan, budgets, forecast.
Different scenarios
Individual, consolidated planning, etc.


We have two solutions to choose from


Thanks to our experience we help you to choose the technology that best suits your needs and that will facilitate your work; in addition to that we facilitate the task of implementation and the task of consulting (in case it is necessary to improve your process).


What do we offer?

  • Analysis of the starting situation: understanding of the current way of working.
  • Choice of the most appropriate option: the technological solution to be chosen by the financial department can be done in two ways: renting and SaaS.Accompaniment in the installation and start-up: we lead the implementation of the solution in your company and we take care of the necessary tests until it works properly.
  • Short-term projects that adapt to your availability.
  • Help in the process of familiarization with the tool: training is continuous throughout the implementation process


We take care of the entire process. Thanks to our specialized and experienced team we can ensure an optimal development of the technologies and services needed for your company.

We do the whole process for you

  • Preparation:
       Interim consolidated financial statements
       Consolidated financial statements
  • Constant updating of closing forecasts
  • Ad hoc reports by countries, subgroups, currencies, business areas, products....
  • Financial dashboards
  • Periodic consolidation performance

Other Financial Consulting services:

  1. Design and implementation of a procedure for the recording and reconciliation of intercompany transactions.
  2. Design of a "Reporting package".
  3. Elaboration of a Group Accounting Policies Manual.
  4. Homogenization of different accounting regulations and charts of accounts in International Groups.
  5. Elaboration of a Group Chart of Accounts.
  6. Assignment of a controller to support and monitor the implementation of the tool.


Our value proposition

The advice of our professionals is backed by an extensive network of firms. This gives us better access to foreign buyers, investors and local knowledge, while allowing our clients access to a wider group of targets.