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Power BI

Microsoft Power BI: all data in one place

The importance of having your data well ordered and visible.

Get the most out of your big data investments by connecting to all data sources with scale to analyze, share and promote insights across the organization, while maintaining data accuracy, consistency and security.

Easily work together on the same data, collaborate on reports and share insights using popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel, enabling everyone in your organization to quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.


Informed decisions

Provides your business with tools for strategic data management.


It is the most powerful data processing tool on the market.

Data relevance

Reduce the time it takes to gain insights and increase collaboration between data analysts in your company.


Share data with your entire environment in a simple way.


Turn data into insights and insights into actions to easily create business applications and automate workflows.


Accelerate in data processing thanks to Azure

We propose a project where data will change the course of your business.

The Power BI tool is just the spearhead of a global project where we can help you.
PKF Attest's team of experts in data intelligence will work to implement a project where pure data, whatever its origin (ERP, CRM, archives, databases, IoT) will be processed and converted into useful data for your company, thanks to a Master Data Management process.