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Consulting for Senior Management

Our consultancy service for senior management aims to assist boards of directors, managers, teams and organizations in seeking solutions to the challenges of business strategy, organization, management and processes. We provide expert consultants who will help the organization to move forward in strategic thinking, organizational development and optimization of processes.

How we can help you:

Strategic reflection

Strategic thinking is essential for organizations today, regardless of their size, sector of activity or public/private nature.


  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Plans for the deployment of new activities and/or expansion
  • Workshops and reflections on strategic vision
  • Analysis and diagnosis of competitive position
  • Market research and positioning
  • Identification of essential competences
  • Definition of business models
  • Maps for articulating strategic options
  • Continuous advice for boards of directors


The balanced scorecard is an instrument for administrative management which helps to measure your company’s activities.


  • Deployment, monitoring and improvement of strategy: balanced scorecard
  • Strategic map
  • Strategic lines and objectives
  • Indicators and objectives
  • Initiatives
  • Alignment of the organization


The internationalization plan enables you to identify the challenges to your expansion and define an internationalization strategy.


  • Increasing your awareness of your capacities to undertake internationalization.
  • Selecting the most attractive markets.
  • Preparing the most efficient commercial strategy.
  • Preparing an international communication campaign.
  • Preparing a budget for the implementation of the plan.

Risk management and internal control

Today most organizations conduct their activity in competitive environments with a high degree of uncertainty and face internal and external factors that might jeopardize the achievement of their goals.


  • Risk management and internal control system
  • Support for control and internal auditing units
  • Management of business continuity

Social Innovation

This is a response to specific needs our clients have transmitted to us and on which we have worked especially hard on R&D in order to offer our clients packaged solutions.


  • CSR strategy and social action.
  • Corporate foundations and savings banks’ charitable work.
  • Organizing the function of social innovation.
  • Design and implementation of the master plan.
  • Strategic voluntary work.
  • Specialized interest groups.
  • Communication (key messages and annual report).
  • Permanent advice for the board’s CSR committee.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The actions of a socially responsible company should be anchored to its strategy and based on a set of basic principles, such as respect for legality, transparency, etc.

Value proposal:

  • Planning and launch
  • Review of documents
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Diagnostic report
  • Action route
  • Technical assistance for deployment