Sports Law

Sports Law

PKF Attest offers the world of sports all the services of a large consulting firm. We provide legal and tax advice to professional athletes and sports entities, with more than 30 years of experience and with the capacity to provide services in more than 125 countries around the world. Experts in the application of specific tax benefits for professional athletes.

Legal assistance in processes

Legal assistance in the process of contractual negotiations between athletes, clubs and/or sponsors. PKF Attest has been involved in numerous national and international transfer processes of athletes.

Own style and adapted to change

Our own style based on tax planning policies far from artificial structures, optimizing the tax burden according to the sometimes changing criteria and interpretations that emanate from the tax administrations.

Specialization in regulations

Specialization both in the tax regulations applicable to the sports and entertainment sector and in its labor regulations, with special emphasis on the special labor relations of sportsmen and artists.

Planning in the field

Planning in economic, financial and patrimonial matters that considers all sources of income, expenses and savings necessary during the active life as a professional athlete in order to have adequate levels of income and savings for the passive life.

We carry out tax planning for both the intermediary entities and their principals and we provide legal assistance in the contracting of their principals, either by drafting contracts of connection or disconnection between them or by advising on the possibilities of tax optimization of the operations.



"Being part of a multidisciplinary firm, allows us to have a global vision and with greater scope to all those problems presented by professional athletes".