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Fiscal Advisory

Our advisory service is basically aimed at all types of entities (companies, foundations, associations, cooperatives, public sector, etc.) and at private individuals (managers, wealth, etc.).

Tax planning

As regards direct taxation, using appropriate tax planning we try to reduce the tax burden as far as possible for Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, and Wealth Tax, through the use of certain structures legally accepted by the tax authority and by taking optimal advantage of the tax incentives foreseen in the regulations.

International tax planning, system for expatriates, inpatriates, foreign investments in Spain, and Spanish investments abroad.

We provide advice on indirect taxation, proposing the most advantageous alternatives (VAT-Capital-transfer Tax coordination), proportions, VAT groups, monthly rebate systems, etc.
We help in the execution of wills, separation of estates, dissolution of communities of property, seeking the most satisfactory solution within the regulations. 
Specialized in provincial taxation in the Basque Country historical territories and the Provincial Community of Navarre.

Tax queries

We answer any queries on tax matters.

We also keep you informed of the main regulatory novelties, the criteria for interpreting the tax authority, precedents in the courts, etc.

Tax authority

We assist taxpayers in their relations with the tax authority, response to notifications, appeals for review, administrative-economic claims, assistance in inspections, rebates, etc.

Assistance in court

We provide taxpayers with legal assistance in claims in administrative law courts.