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Regulation & Public Policy

Anticipating the impacts of regulation on organizations and making the management of regulation more professional is increasingly becoming a strategic necessity in the decision-making process in the Spanish economic and business world.

The mission of our team of consultants, who are experts in Regulation and Public Policy with extensive experience in this practice in the domestic and international arenas, is to help businesses to construct and/or consolidate their management of regulation.


With this regulatory practice, we advise businesses on constructing or consolidating their management of regulation, using a method based on anticipation and predictive monitoring, and on participating in public decision-making when these decisions might affect them, thus enhancing the legitimacy of their legislative initiatives.

PKF Attest has introduced new technologies, such as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, in the management of regulation in order to offer its clients the capacity to anticipate risks and generate business opportunities from regulation.


Our distinguishing feature is the way we generate value from regulation in order to offer a better service to our clients. To this end, we have created a method that combines the use of technological tools with the human capital of our professionals. Starting from this base, we are in a position to anticipate the effects regulation might have on clients’ businesses, help reduce the risks that might stem from it and capitalize on the opportunities it brings.

Fields of work

Our generalist, transversal outlook enables us to provide a multi-sectorial response to clients’ needs. The Regulation & Public Policy division has experience of work in the following sectors:

  • Finance and taxation
  • Energy and the environment
  • Infrastructures
  • Public Sector
  • Products and Services, including Pharma, the Consumer Sector, Transport, Tourism and Industry.
  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications