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Public aid for investment

We help you to obtain financing for tor your R&D and Innovation Projects. We accompany you in planning and managing capital grants, soft loans, tax deductions, allowances and other incentives from different public administrations.

Tax Benefits for R&D&I Projects

The Spanish tax system offers substantial tax benefits to entities developing R&D&I projects, which may be able to deduct up to 42% of direct R&D&I expenses. For this reason, Inncome believes in this type of financing and we are specialists in certifying projects. Every single project presented obtained its certification so that the rights generated could subsequently be applied.

At PKF Attest we certify projects for the application of different types of deduction:

  • Deductions for research and development
  • Deductions for technological innovation
  • Deductions for research staff
  • Tax lease

Moreover, we advise companies on the best way of applying the rights generated (monetization, deduction or direct application) and on the optimal manner to act in the face of possible tax inspections.

We also manage the formalities for obtaining the binding reasoned report, which is the maximum guarantee for the Treasury.

In our work, we revitalize a large number of R&D&I projects.

We create commercial and technological synergies with companies, universities and technological centres through innovation in strategic sectors.

We meet our clients’ needs for efficient R&D&I management.

We provide advice on organizing, structuring and prioritizing your organization’s innovation strategy,

  • Increasing the potential for success and maximizing saving on your projects.
  • Offering support in the process of managing public incentives, at both the technical and the economic level.
  • Informing of aid available at European, national and regional levels.

We are specialists in the efficient management of R&D&I financing and industrial investments.

We work with each client on an individual basis, offering them the best combination of public economic resources available for each of their projects, reducing their economic and technical risk.

How can we help you?

  • Capital grants and incentives for R&D&I and industrial investment
  • Tax deductions
  • Allowances for research staff
  • Private financing for R&D&I

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