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Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer companies advice on Mergers and Acquisitions in the national and international arenas. Our services focus on corporate transactions in the sale of businesses and acquisition of companies. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in executing and negotiating M&As and we advise you and see you through the entire process. Moreover, our interests are perfectly aligned with yours, offering you total transparency and security.

Sale of Companies

We offer advice on the sale of companies, helping entrepreneurs to carry out an orderly confidential process, analysing the different options and maximizing objectives.

  • Sale to a company in the sector
  • Management buy-out (MBO)
  • Leveraged buy-out (LBO)
  • Mergers and/or joint-ventures

Once the objectives have been established, we manage everything related to the sale:

  • We plan and structure the execution of the process in an optimal manner
  • We identity potential buyers using our research technology
  • We analyse and value the company to highlight value arguments
  • We prepare quality documents (corporate presentations and Info Memo)
  • We provide support during the due diligence
  • We negotiate the best terms and conditions to close the operation: price, method of payment, guarantees, etc.
  • We coordinate the writing of the purchase and sale contract and the shareholders’ agreement and/or other agreements

Acquisition of Companies

We offer advice on the acquisition of companies, whether this is aimed at geographical expansion, the incorporation of new business lines or simply buying from a competitor. We help you to assess the best option and negotiate the best possible transaction, whether it is a minority holding, a majority or 100% of capital. We execute your acquisition plan using proven methodology:

  • We define the search criteria
  • We identify companies interested, using our research methodology
  • We contact the companies selected
  • We develop strategies to establish the price, considering possible synergies
  • We advise on the financing for the acquisition
  • We negotiate the best terms and conditions for the purchase
  • We lead the negotiating process until the operation has been closed

We ensure an efficient orderly process that facilitates achieving the desired transaction.

PKF Attest Corporate Finance is part of Pandea global M&A (Pandea) network.

PandeaPandea is an international network of independent firms with a primary focus on the origination and execution of middle market M&A activities. Typically this will be focused on transaction values between €5m and €500m.

Our focus lies in creating and executing cross border transactions to add significant value to our members clients such as providing enhanced and cohesive access to a larger pool of international acquisition targets, local market expertise and overseas buyer pools.

More information about Pandea Global M&A