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Economic and Financial Consulting

We offer you a global view of the economic and financial management process you can use to underpin the strategic management of your organization and guarantee profitability, liquidity and excellence in your business management.

Economic and Financial Consulting and Advisory Services:

Independent Expert Reports

At PKF Attest we have extensive experience in performing special tasks by appointment of the Registry of Companies. Our most frequent tasks are:

  • Special independent expert report in cases of exclusion from the pre-emptive subscription right (articles 308, 417 and 504 to 506 of the Amended Text of the Capital Companies Law).
  • Report required in certain cases of company transformation
  • Expert report on a company merger project
  • Report required for the transfer of the registered office to Spain for foreign capital companies which are not in the European Economic Area
  • Expert report on a company spin-off project
  • Special independent expert report on the valuation of shares in the cases set out in articles 124,125, 346, 350, 353, 354, 355, 461 and 468 of the Amended Text of the Capital Companies Law, and articles 15, 62 and 99 of Law 3/2009 on structural changes at capital companies
  • Special report on convertible bonds (article 414 of the Amended Text of the Capital Companies Law)
  • Special report on an increase in capital through the offset of receivables (article 301 of the Amended Text of the Capital Companies Law).

Actuarial Reports

  • Actuarial valuations of companies’ complementary welfare schemes for their employees (pension plans, insurance policies, internal funds…) for saving and risk commitments.
  • Issuance of reports on retirement and years-of-service awards.
  • Actuarial reports on pension funds.

Capital Markets Advisory

The current situation is redefining the functioning patterns of the capital markets.
PKF Attest places a multidisciplinary team specialized in alternative markets at your disposal.

What we offer:

Our mission is to accompany companies in developing and conducting their activity in the capital markets, offering companies which turn to the MARF advice on the entire debt issuance process (bonds, commercial papers, etc.).

How we can help you:

  • Prior analysis
  • Preparation: full information on regulatory requirements and other aspects of the issue.
  • Issue: development of the infrastructure and definition of the issue strategy.
  • Life of the issue: Continuous advice, monitoring and reporting of activity.

PKF Attest is a Registered Advisor for the MARF and the MAB

Business Plans

The Business Plan is of key importance for every entity/company. PKF Attest offers you individualized assessment, accompanying you and supervising the plan throughout its preparation.

For new businesses and start-ups, we give you individualized assessment for the first six months of activity. Through monthly visits to your business, we help you to start it up so that you can learn good management practices, both in aspects of sales and marketing and in finances.

Moreover, we make you simple tools, tailored to each business, for the budgetary control of your revenues and expenses and we show you how to use them.

Viability Plans

  • Financial projections.
  • Assessment in the design and execution of company mergers and acquisitions.
  • Analysis of investments.
  • Advisory services for planning and structuring corporate and business finances.

Company Valuations

There are many reasons why a company might want to know its value. They may be as a result of purchase and sale transactions, rights issues, mergers or spin-offs, to plan succession or simply for more efficient business management.

At PKF Attest we have extensive experience in:

  • Business and company valuations
  • Asset valuations
  • Valuation of assets and rights