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HR Employment and Payroll Management

If your company is planning to settle in Spain, PKF Attest can support you with your initial legal and tax advisory needs and once in Spain can provide support with the processing of all of your accounting and tax records and company’s payroll as well as offering the labour advice you need.

PKF Attest can assist you in dealing with payroll and social security compliance. In this regard, our team can deliver the following:

At PKF Attest we offer a comprehensive service with the aim of simplifying processes, optimizing costs and providing a better service.

We can provide managed payroll services as well as the following labour procedures

Employee enrollments and leaves from work: 

  • Management of registrations, cancellations and variations of employees in the General Social Security System
  • Preparation of all kind of employment contracts
  • Register of employment contracts at the Public Employment Service
  • Settlement and company certificate preparation
  • Hiring incentives and bonus management
  • Advice on labour law issues


  • Preparation of salary receipts (payrolls: monthly pay, extra payment, payment in arrears, variable income).
  • Preparation of lists for payroll accounting, taylored according to the needs of the client.
  • Banking remittances for salary payments.
  • Employees’ income tax calculations, according to each family and income situations.


  • Control and preparation of lists of temporary hiring due dates.
  • Preparation of lists of any type of information related to staff and salaries included in the

Contributions and Income Tax:

  • Preparation of the old Social Security contribution bulletins
  • Monthly preparation of income on account of income tax withholdings (111/216 forms) and annual summary of Income Tax withholdings (190/296 forms), at State and regional levels (Basque Country and Navarra specific tax regulations)
  • Elaboration of work performance certificates


  • Paperwork with regard to Tesorería Territorial de la Seguridad Social(TGSS), Servicio Público de Empleo (SEPE), Instituto Nacional Seguridad.
  • Social Security(INSS) and mutual insurance companies
  • Advice and management on expatriate labor matters
  • Temporary disability and work accidents notices
  • Labor Inspections
  • Social Security Insurances Clearance