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Forensic – Expert Reports

We have a specialized multidisciplinary team which enables us to provide assistance as independent experts to the parties and the courts, in legal proceedings and in the investigation of fraud.

Our Services:

Prevention, detection and investigation of fraud

  • Investigating and fighting fraud.
  • Optimizing your resources or considering increasing and improving existing resources.
  • Minimizing the damages this type of action can cause and maximizing the options for recovering the damages caused.
  • Identifying fraudulent situations, locating them, quantifying them and, in the last instance, issuing any type of expert report accrediting their nature.

Independent expert – Expert reports

  • Preparation of expert reports in situations of conflict or litigation, in order to clarify complex technical questions and determine the consequences that could arise from the situation.
  • Counter-reports. Starting from a critical, rigorous and objective analysis, we prepare our reports with sound arguments that help to refute reports previously presented by the counterparty.
  • Decisive reports on the adjustment in price for a transaction by mutual agreement of the parties.
  • Economic-financial and organizational reports justifying viability processes and business restructuring (redundancy plans).
  • Expert reports on financial products.
  • Expert reports on labour issues.

Valuation of damages

  • Valuation of damages stemming from contractual and extra-contractual actions.
  • Valuation of actual damage and loss of probable profit caused by third parties.
  • Analysis and valuation of damages from the cancellation or failure to fulfil contracts.
  • Assistance in litigation services: our firm’s professionals have the qualifications and required experience to declare as experts in court in economic, accounting and financial matters and to answer any questions formulated by the parties.